All U.S. citizens and residents are eligible to receive U.S. Federal Government, State Government and Private Foundation-funded grants.  Remember, these programs do not require credit checks, collateral, security deposits or co-signers.

Even if you have declared a bankruptcy or currently have bad credit; as a tax payer and U.S. citizen or resident, you are entitled to this money!

What Is The Main Qualifier?

The main component in qualifying you is your residency. Even though every grant has it's own set of qualification standards, the important thing is being a resident of the United States.

Do I Need Good Credit?

Absolutely Not. One of the biggest myths surrounding grants is the myth that you need good credit to obtain a free grant. That is simply NOT the case. Countless individuals have received free funding even though they filed bankruptcy in the past.

There is no "time restriction" on this either. For instance, there are no restrictions like, "not filed bankruptcy within the past 3 years". The fact is, you could have finalized your bankruptcy yesterday, and still qualify for a grant.

How Will I Know If I Qualify?

We provide direct access to grant postings which detail every qualification needed to submit a proposal. Every grant will have well written standards so you will know exactly what the criteria is.

Do I Need To Be At A Low Income Level?

No. Another important fact is that you do NOT need to be at a specific income level to obtain a free grant. Grants are available to the poor, the middle class and even the rich.

Did you know that President Bush received $200 Million in free government money to build his new baseball stadium?

Or that Dick Cheney, got $3 billion in government money for his business? These are facts. There are no income requirements to receive a grant.

We've seen instances where a client had $700,000 in the bank, and they were considered disadvantaged! There is no income requirement to receive this assistance.

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